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“The  passion of our team is directed to energise every mind associated with us. We enable our clients to achieve optimal performance through synergised efforts”

 – Brig Harjit Puri

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Corporate Training

Corporate training is these days becoming of utmost importance for the organisation, where the trainers provide the requisite training to the employees for them to become better assets to the organisation and also thereby enhancing the skills they possess

Interview Skills

In today's employment world which consists of intense competition, it is more important than ever to have good interview skills. Because of this intense competition it is very important to make a good impression or it would cost one an employment opportunity.

Online Training

During the Covid19 pandemic, our company launch online training portal to train the people in various sectors and companies. We also starts online IAS/IPS, Interview skills, Current affairs and many other courses online.

OUR Ongoing Training's

Train the trainer

If you also be become a trainer with a name for delivering high-impact programs and solid worth for money? Become...

Effective Communication Skills

This basic skill is a softener and facilitator for our core values and our personality. This is the basic...

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

NLP has its wide application in improving networking, refining social skills, adding to...

Creativity in Problem Solving

Problem solving skills are essential at all levels. Tools and techniques of problem solving are often applied without...

21st Century Leadership

Under the changing needs of environment, bold and clear leadership initiatives are required. This training...

Time & Mind Management

Time is a resource at premium. Technology and techniques should improve routine working, processing of ...


Energise India believes that if training and development is not strategic and arrived at specific goals, it can do more harm than good,hence we customise trainings according to our clients requirements and needs, hence we customise trainings for organisations based on their requirement and their problem areas. i.e. what needs to be trained, how it should be trained, and how extensively. Our training programmes are arrived at-

  1. Developing employee and management specific skills.
  2. Addressing organisational wide programmers.
  3. Facilitating adaptations needed to suit changing environment.
  4. Promoting employee development and creating a talented, flexible and diverge work force.

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