Effective Presentation Skills

Showcasing the facts for convincing a group or seeking any decision from superiors, briefing the subordinates for clarity or creating an impact on a gathering, requires precise presentation skills. At times, reaching a solution in a group becomes easier through a crisp, well covered presentation.


Online Training


In house Training


One to one Training

Behavioral Training

  • Effective Communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • The Art of Making Presentations
  • Shop Floor excellence for Supervisors
  • Managing Mental Blocks
  • Building Motivation
  • Creativity in Problem Solving
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Why Presentation Skills

  • It projects the personality of the presenter.
  • It can strongly sway the opinion of the audience
  • Skills of the presenter can make or break the situation.
  • Saves time for brain-storming, clarifications and for in-house discussion.

  • Who needs it?

    Recommended for juniors and middle management executives.


  • Pre presentation requisites and structuring a presentation.
  • Points to be seen during the presentation
  • Audience analysis.
  • Sitting plan, acoustics and presentation aids.
  • Pitfalls and remedies.

  • Duration

    6 hours online training & one day in-house training

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