Shop Floor Excellence

Line managers are the buffers between operators and senior management. Their technical competence needs to be augmented by administrative and management skills. Team leaders and junior managers are required to know the intricacies of resource utilization and lead from front.


Online Training


In house Training


One to one Training

Behavioral Training

  • Effective Communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • The Art of Making Presentations
  • Shop Floor excellence for Supervisors
  • Managing Mental Blocks
  • Building Motivation
  • Creativity in Problem Solving
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Why Shop Floor Excellence?

  • Line mangers to lead from front.
  • Improve time management and resource utilization.
  • Skill to handle pressure.
  • Improves command and control
  • Better communication skills and systematic working.

  • Who needs it?

    Recommended for new inductees, supervisory staff and junior/middle managers.


  • Three levels of management and the duties and norms of shop floor culture.
  • Standard Organizational set up. Shop floor accountability, role and goal clarity in line with vision pyramid.
  • Basics of shop floor hard skills. Soft skills, communication skills and body language to act as an efficient buffer.
  • Implement the feedback system at shop floor level through awareness practices.
  • Improving team spirit through RRB factor and guarding against the team poisons.
  • Handling pressure situations through ccountability and motivational skills
  • Building skills of evolving work environment and culture building practices.
  • Lean Tool – ‘Shop floor KATA’ for managing people.
  • Situation tests and group exercises to assess leadership skills.
  • Life Style fitness.

  • Duration

    12 hours online training & two days in-house training

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