Six Magical Traits

All of us need to improve the power of “3 Is” (Idea, Initiative and Intellect) by remaining focused. This cannot happen without developing “3 Es”(Emotional, Environmental and Existential Intelligence).Combining hard work with smart work comes through creativity, positive attitude and by overcoming mental blocks. This requires training, practice and application on ground.


Online Training


In house Training


One to one Training

Behavioral Training

  • Effective Communication
  • Positive Attitude
  • The Art of Making Presentations
  • Shop Floor excellence for Supervisors
  • Managing Mental Blocks
  • Building Motivation
  • Creativity in Problem Solving
  • Importance of Emotional Intelligence


To psyche upmanagers for creative continuous improvement and smart working by developing global outlook and 360 degree awareness.


  • Analysing mind power and developing flexibility of thinking.
  • Realising the power of idea to develop intellect and initiative.
  • Learning continuously to manage mental blocks.
  • Importance of mutual support and team effort.
  • Organising oneself for 360 degree awareness.
  • How global outlook gives better and clearer perception.
  • Maintaining positive attitude and life style fitness.
  • Learning the skills of creativity.

  • Duration

    12 hours online training & two days in-house training

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